St Luke’s Cookie Policy

We use cookies to help us serve you the right information

A small computer file known as a ‘cookie’ is placed on your computer when you use the St Luke’s website. It means that our system can learn from the content you view what content may be useful to you. We also use the same system to make sure that we present advertisements and other material on third party websites such as Facebook to the right people.

How we use cookies

St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth may use cookies to:

  • Store your preference information – the website can then curate more relevant information specifically for you.
  • Analyse the website traffic using Google Analytics – this cumulative data ensures or goal of constant development to improve the overall user experience of the website.
  • Recognise returning traffic to our website – we may therefore, display relevant content specifically to you or present previously used functionality.
  • Identify if you are signed in to the website.

For more information on Cookies please visit this link. However, please be assured that Cookies do not allow us to access your computer or present any information about you, other than that you choose to share via your search engine browser preferences.

Site cookies

This site uses Google Analytics and so the following cookies are in use:

This stores the domain name (hash code) of site, pages viewed this session, current time. (expires after 30 mins)

This stores the domain name (hash code) of site, pages viewed this session, current time. (expires at end of session)

This stores the domain name (hash code) of site, a unique visitor id (randomly generated number), time of first visit, time of previous visit, current time, number of sessions since first visit. (expires after 2 years)

This stores the domain name (hash code) of site, time when cookie last set, total number of visitor sessions, number of different channels or sources through which this site was reached, source of the last cookie update, search hit tag identifier (or just ‘organic’ if reached via normal search hit), search medium, keyword phrase used to find site. (expires after 6 months)

Third party cookies

Facebook Pixel

This Cookie enables St Luke’s to measure, optimize and build audiences for advertising campaigns we serve on Facebook. In particular it ensures that we optimise the site for users moving between devices when accessing our website and Facebook, to ensure that our Facebook advertising is seen by users most likely to be interested in such advertising.

You can control how Facebook uses your data here:

Controlling cookies

All web browsers have cookie settings. This will determine how our website uses these cookies. If you choose not to allow our website to store cookies on your device or computer you will need to amend your web browser settings to refuse cookies. Please be aware that making these changes could affect the functionality of our website for you. For example certain pages and services may appear unavailable to you. Our website issues cookies when you visit unless you carry out the web browser settings changes to refuse cookies.