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This project has now come to an end, please be aware that we are no longer recruiting for VIPs. If you are interested in volunteering for St Luke's please find more information by clicking here.

The VIP Project was funded by the Department of Health (DOH). It was a 3 year project aimed to enhance the user experience and increase the personalisation of care for vulnerable persons across a range of health and social care settings with the use of well trained, ‘user facing’ volunteers.

The aims of the VIP project were to:

1. Promote dignity in care - particularly for older people, people with dementia, those at end of life and those with learning disabilities.

2. Provide trained volunteers who would ensure dignity and personalised care to these vulnerable client groups.

3. Create new volunteering opportunities for the local community.

4. Develop a model of best practice that could be replicated in other parts of the country.


In total the project saw 120 volunteers contribute over 3,650 hours of user support in Health and Social care settings, which included things such as; social inclusion, sitting with individuals as well as talking & listening.

The volunteers also enabled users to take part in activities such as going out in the gardens, painting nails, using iPad’s to keep in touch with family and friends. They also took part other activities which included playing games, arts and crafts and assisting people at mealtimes, basically  ‘doing the little things that make a big difference’.

To show how successful the programme was, we have compiled a video of feedback from some of the people involved in the project, including the VIPs themselves. It also shows Gail Wilson, Associate Director for Education, Research & Professional Development at St Luke's Hospice explaining how the VIPs have made an impact to the hospice.

There is now a national toolkit that is available to download for free. It includes all of the information we have used in order to make this project a success. Once downloaded you can access all documents, PowerPoints and learning resources used for each stage of the programme. The documents are available in MSWord format so that if you wish to implement a similar programme in your business, you can adapt them and tailor them to your needs..

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