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Our specialist unit is based at our Head Office in Turnchapel, Plymstock where we have 12 beds.  The unit has three three-bedded wards and four single rooms, with most rooms looking out onto the beautiful surroundings of Plymouth Sound.

The vast majority of patients with whom St Luke’s is involved will never need to come into the specialist unit, as they are able to be well cared for at home, wherever that may be.  The beds are intended for patients with complex needs that are proving difficult to manage in other settings, and most of these patients are already known to St Luke’s through contact with our other services.

We take referrals from healthcare professionals and prioritise these on the patient’s need for symptom control, psychosocial support or terminal care.  Information on our admission criteria and our referral process can be found here.

We are not a long stay unit, and once we have satisfactorily addressed symptoms or other issues we will aim to discharge a patient back home, provided their condition is stable and they are not here for terminal care.  Sometimes, if discharge home is not possible, we may have to discuss discharge to a nursing home.

We aim to make patients’ stay at Turnchapel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.  All beds have their own television and access to a telephone to take calls at the bedside.  There is WiFi access throughout the building, and also some PC terminals in one of the lounges.

A doctor is on-call for the unit at all times.  We have limited resuscitation facilities, and no on-site X-Ray or other investigation facilities, but we can send patients for investigation at Derriford Hospital.  In the event of a sudden unexpected deterioration, for most of our patients we would aim to provide supportive care to ensure they are comfortable and free from distress.  If more active treatment was felt to be appropriate (and in accordance with patient wishes) an urgent transfer to Derriford Hospital would be arranged.

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Information leaflet for patients at Turnchapel
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