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Our Care in DERRIFORD Hospital

St Luke’s at Derriford operates in Derriford Hospital, contributing to the physical, psychological and emotional care of patients suffering from a progressive disease with limited prognosis with moderate to high complex needs.

The St Luke’s Hospital Team provides a specialist palliative care service to Derriford Hospital. The core team consists of 4 Doctors, 5 Specialist Nurses and 3 administration staff.  The team also works closely with an extended multidisciplinary team including a chaplain, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and welfare rights officer.
The team offer specialist advice and support for any hospital inpatient with a progressive life limiting illness. The team work alongside the hospital doctors and nurses, offering advice on complex symptoms and providing emotional support for patients, their family and carers.
For patients known to the service the team assist with complex discharge arrangements in order to try and facilitate the patients wishes around their preferred place of care.

Did you know... 30% of the total number of patients we care for are based in Derriford Hospital. (*April '15 - March '16)

In the last year the St Luke’s at Derriford has cared for 1025 patients and 4,565 face to face contacts with patients. Although at present the majority of the patients referred have a cancer diagnosis, the team takes referrals for patients with any life-limiting condition and is working hard to improve palliative care for non-cancer patients. (*April '15- March '16)
In addition to care for patients in hospital, St Luke’s are there to offer advice and emotional support for patients and their families. The Team are also heavily involved in delivering education in end of life care to nursing and medical staff across Derriford Hospital.

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