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Social, Spiritual and Therapeutic Support Services

All clinical staff working for St Luke's in the hospice, the hospital or in the community offer a level of social, spiritual and therapeutic support for patients and their families.

We have social and spiritual support staff and volunteers available to provide help and advice to our patients and their families and carers whether it's through access to funding and grants, emotional support or simply having someone to talk to.

The Harbour

The Harbour featured above is a quiet, informal space located on the ground floor. Previously a chapel it is now a space, not only one for religious purposes, but one for reflection and contemplation. Please speak to any member of staff if you need to see someone from our dedicated team of spiritual care staff and volunteers to discuss your spiritual concerns. We endeavor to work closely with spiritual or religious faith leaders from your community and will support you in contacting them.

Other services provided by St Luke's include:


Complementary Therapies Fact Sheet

Befriending Fact Sheet


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