St Luke’s crisis team

Our crisis team provide terminally ill patients with a 72 hour window of specialist care at home, including those in residential and nursing homes, at a time of crisis.

What do we do?

The core aim of this service is to reduce unnecessary hospital or hospice admissions. Responding within an hour, it is hoped a short 72 hour intervention will stabilise symptoms and avoid any unnecessary admission to hospital. The crisis team also help to ensure that a patient’s discharge from hospital or Turnchapel back home is as smooth as possible.

The service is also there to assist and support families and carers who at times can be under immense pressure, supporting them to respond to a rapidly changing situation and enabling them to continue providing care. A crisis can take many forms, it may not just be medical, it could be because of a social breakdown for a terminally ill patient, where their care support network has temporarily broken down.

Working together

Our nurses work alongside Marie Curie and Livewell Southwest to ensure a central point of care in your area. We also work in partnership with your local GP, district nurses, Devon Doctors and other health and social care agencies to make sure you receive the best possible care and support.

Where do we work?

The crisis team cover an area of 700 square miles, from Looe in East Cornwall across Dartmoor to Kingsbridge and Salcombe.

The service is operational seven days a week, 24hours (Friday-Sunday) over the weekend when support is often required most. Access to the service is by referral only through your GP, district nurse or other relevant healthcare professional. If you are a healthcare professional then please view our Information Hub for information on referrals.