Lymphoedema Care

at home, at Derriford and at Turnchapel


Located at our Turnchapel site, St Luke's are able to offer an individually tailored service to patients suffering from Lymphoedema.

What is Lymphoedema?
Lymphoedema is caused by a blockage in, or damage to, the lymph system, resulting in swollen limbs, which can impact hugely on a person's physical and psychological well being.

Whilst Lymphoedema cannot be cured, it is often manageable. It is essential to get advice from a professional to help you manage your Lymphoedema. Our Lymphoedema team are able to offer an individually tailored service to patients suffering from Lymphoedema.

What is the aim of Lymphoedema therapy?
The main aim of the service is to rehabilitate patients to help them lead as much of an independant lifestyle as possible, providing skills to self manage their swollen limbs. Once this has been established and there are no problems with their swelling, patients will be discharged back to their GP.

What does the service do?
Our vision is to provide an inclusive and accessible nurse led service delivering individualised care and encouraging self management through specialist education and treatment. Such care may consist of:

- Skin Care advice

- Exercise and positioning advice

- Fitting of compression hosiery

- Manual Lymphatic Drainage

- Self Lymphatic Drainage

- Compression bandaging

- Kinesiology taping

- Lymphassist

These treatments will all assist in varying ways towards controlling Lymphoedema and allowing patients to manage their condition on daily basis.

How can I receive the Lymphoedema service from St Luke's?
To receive the Lymphoedema service from St Luke's you will need to be referred via letter through a hospital consultant, GP or Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Do I have to pay?
No, the St Luke's Lymphoedema service is free to all patients.

Useful information:
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