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Machu Picchu

11th May - 20th May 2017
with three different travelling options
£395 registration fee and minimum sponsorship of £3700

Follow in the footsteps of the Spanish Conquistadors and early 20th Century
explorers as you cross the high Peruvian Andes in search of Machu Picchu,
the Lost City of the Inca. The trek route departs from the bustling colonial
mountain town of Cusco and winds its way through breathtaking mountain
passes, past sacred mountains and on through humid jungle trails to reach the
fabled ruins of Machu Picchu.

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Grand Canyon

13 May - 20 May 2017
16 September - 23  September 2017
Payment option 1: Registration Fee £399 and minimum sponsorship of £3400
Payment option 2: Registration Fee £399 and Self Funding of £1700

Descend deep into one of the best natural wonders of the world on one of the
best charity events! We begin our American charity challenge with an acclimatisation
trek through Sedona, with its popular red rock formations, also known as Red
Rock Country. Natives consider this to be the spiritual vortex to the south
west of America and it’s not surprising why – Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon
rival many national parks the World over. The highlight of the trek for
charity will be the descent of over 3,100 ft into the mind blowing Grand
Canyon following an ancient Indian trail that leads us into the breathtaking
Havasupai Indian Reservation – the bright blue green lagoons, huge waterfalls
and scenery within the reservation are by far some of the best our planet
Earth has to offer.

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Ben Nevis

23 June - 25 June 2017
29 September - 1 October 2017
Payment option 1: £75 registration fee + miniumum sponsorship of £560
Payment option 2: £75 registration fee + self funding of £280

Trek for charity to the top of Britain, on this exciting weekend charity challenge conquering Ben Nevis! The challenge takes you into the heart of the breathtaking Western Highlands, in order to conquer the highest peak in Britain set at 1,343m (4,409ft) above sea level.
The trail to the summit is technically easy, but trekking Ben Nevis is a strenuous challenge – stamina and determination are a must! The stunning views of the highlands will be with us all the way and provide a fantastic backdrop to one of the most sought after charity events in the UK!

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14 September - 23 September 2017
£395 registration fee and minimum sponsorship of £3700

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World and for
many people, standing on its summit is a life-long ambition. The snow-capped
peak was first reached by German explorers in the late 19th century and you
will follow in their footsteps as you attempt to scale this mighty mountain! The
world’s highest freestanding peak (Kilimanjaro is an extinct volcano and rises
alone from the surrounding savannah) is situated in Tanzania and this challenge
is an amazing opportunity to, not only climb Kilimanjaro, but also to explore
East Africa yourself and learn about the rich culture and varied landscapes of
the region.

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Everest Base Camp

21 September - 5 October 2017
£395 registration fee and minimum sponsorship of £3700

If we had to describe one of our challenges as ‘Epic’, then this trek to Everest
Base Camp would be the one that we’d choose. Maybe it’s the fact that you
have to fly into the ‘Worlds Most Dangerous Airport’ at Lukla to begin the
trek that makes it feel so epic or maybe it’s the soaring peaks that surround
you at every turn. Maybe it is simply the fact that this journey to the very heart
of the Himalaya mountains takes over a fortnight in total. Either way, in terms
of the scale and grandeur of the landscape through which you travel nothing
can beat this truly epic challenge

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