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BLOG: “Yes, I am crazy – I’m going to do it!”

Lee Braid is taking the plunge for St Luke’s in June following the care we gave his father, bravely taking on a bungee jump to raise as much as he can by way of thanks to our team.

And while many choose this particular experience for sheer exhilaration, there’s an extra-special reason for Lee.

Diagnosed with a brain tumour last year, he decided on the UK’s biggest leap (300ft!) because this gave him a ‘sense of living again’ following the downward spiral of feelings he experienced after being diagnosed.

Lee, who works for EE – which has kindly chosen us as its charity of the year – said: “While I can, I really want to make memories with friends and family. Memories are the one thing that don’t go away.

“My philosophy is live life now, while you can. You don’t know what’s going to happen further down the line.”

If you’d like to show support for Lee and St Luke’s, please visit his fundraising page  – thank you.

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