Wills and legacies

Over half of the population do not have a will and of those that do, over 20% of them have never reviewed it. Have you thought about your future and what will happen if the worst happens?

Why make a will?

What people often forget is that making a will is not just about sorting out the financial aspects. A will ensures that your final wishes are clear. Your possessions and property are going to the right place, and the family and children you leave behind are looked after.

Leaving a legacy

A valuable part of our income comes to us from gifts left to St Luke’s in wills, meaning that the care of many of our patients is possible due to a legacy donation. By leaving St Luke’s a legacy gift, you can really make a lasting difference. For more information, please contact Fundraising on 01752 492626 or email legacyinfo@stlukes-hospice.org.uk

Free will writing service


Here at St Luke’s we are working with Farewill to offer a simple will writing service either online or over the phone. Please support us by writing your will with them and either leave a donation to St Luke’s or a lasting gift in your will. Your support will help us provide vital end of life care to people in your community. Click here to sign up today.


When you make a will, whether it be in person, online or over the phone, it is stored on The National Will Register. This means wills can be located and administered at the time they are needed – ensuring the testator’s wishes are carried out and certainty for whoever is involved with the will.

If you die without a will, it’s called dying intestate. And the laws of intestacy will decide who should inherit your property, money and possessions. As these laws are over 100 years old, they don’t take modern families into account, like unmarried couples and step children. So, if you and your partner are not married, or haven’t registered a civil partnership, your partner will not inherit all your assets automatically.

If you have a child under the age of 18, in certain circumstances social services or the courts will make decisions about who takes care of them. So writing a will is the best way to protect your loved ones and make your wishes known.

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