Our Patrons

Brian Pollard

Local artist

“Having worked as a family doctor for 30 years in Plymouth, I know St Luke’s plays an invaluable role in caring for people at the end of life. The holistic care and support given extends across the community, reaching people at home, in hospital and at the specialist unit at Turnchapel. This means the majority of patients are able to spend their final days in the comfort of their own homes, with loved ones – which I think most of us would wish to do.

It is a real privilege to be a patron of this much-loved local charity.”

Mark Ormrod

Royal Marine, Invictus Games athlete, motivational speaker

“When I was asked to be a patron of St Luke’s, I had no hesitation in accepting. My cousin is one of their home nurses, so I know what a difference they make across Plymouth, where I was born, and the surrounding areas. I’m also aware of the charity’s trial project whereby veterans support other veterans towards the end of their lives, and that’s something I have a close affiliation with. I know that when a family loses a loved one, it can be a very emotional and traumatic time – my own family faced real challenges when I was injured, and I was fortunate enough to pull through.

“The more support you have around you during those times, the better. That’s why I wanted to get involved and do what I can to help promote the great work they do.”

Mark Ormrod is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, a peak performance coach, and the author of the award winning auto-biography Man Down. He is a source of daily inspiration for the thousands of people. As well as a peak performance coach he is a mentor and a role model to other amputees and an ambassador for the Royal Marines Association.

Mark is passionate about his community and has kindly become a Patron of St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth, to fully support our End of Life Military Compassion project, where we utilise St Luke’s as a specialist end of life care service, to improve the engagement, access and quality of care for current/former military personnel in the last months/days of their life and help develop a compassionate support network for both patients and families within existing military communities. Last year alone, we cared for over 80 military families. He aims to influence a future with St Luke’s being there.

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