St Luke's Six steps+programme

Six Steps + programme

Become an End of Life Care Champion

The Six Steps + Programme is a series of workshops developed by the St Luke’s education team, designed to provide care homes and agencies with a toolkit to provide quality end of life care that meets CQC end of life essential standards. The course also provides staff with an ongoing commitment as an End of Life Care Champion, enabling them to share knowledge and skills to peers and colleagues.

How is the course delivered?

The course is run as nine four hour workshops delivered over six months, followed by a three month consolidation period to allow embedding of learning and completion of assessment criteria (via case study/portfolio) and CQC essential standards. The course is currently being delivered virtually via Zoom.

How can it help you?

Organisations who have two End of Life Care Champions within their setting, and who meet the organisational criteria, will receive a plaque and certificate from St Luke’s showing they meet and maintain the standards of the programme. Not only will you receive ongoing verification visits and continued support on end of life policies but if you are Plymouth based, you will also be added to the Plymouth Online Directory by Plymouth City Council.

Individual End of Life Care Champions will receive verification from St Luke’s and will be presented with a personal certificate. They are also invited to an end of life forum three times a year to keep updated.