Our strategy

Our vision is a community where no person has to die alone, in pain or in distress. We aim to achieve this by delivering specialist and supportive care to those that need it. We want to educate and empower communities, encouraging everyone to work together to build local support networks.

Our mission

We work within our community in partnership with others to achieve dignity, comfort and choice for people affected by a life-limiting illness, by delivering and influencing exceptional care.

Our values

At St Luke’s we are proud of, and passionate about our history and the care we provide. This has been achieved by the hard work, dedication and commitment of all the staff and volunteers who have made St Luke’s what it is today. Our values are at the core of all our services. They inspire us and drive us, to ensure we provide the best possible care to as many local people as we can reach; living and dying with a terminal illness.

We are currently working on our three-year strategy to run from 2024 to 2026 and in consultation with all our stakeholders and other health care professionals. Watch this space…

Proud partner