BLOG: Memories in Bloom – Remembering Scott

Losing a loved one is always really difficult. We understand how important it is for you to be able to remember your lost loved one, whether they were cared for by St Luke’s or not, and we realise more than ever that when someone special has died, it is powerful and precious memories that bring comfort and help us continue to feel connected to them.

With this in mind, we would like to share a story with you about Scott, a volunteer and friend who played a huge part in our Fundraising Team and will forever be in our hearts.

We were first graced with Scott’s presence back in 2018 when he applied to become a volunteer within the Fundraising Team, after being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. His expertise and skills in sales and marketing made him the perfect candidate and a vital asset to our team. He threw himself into everything a hundred percent, particularly our Men’s Day Out event as he was very well connected within the brewing industry.

He was a joy to have around, telling stories and speaking so fondly in the office of his three girls, ‘Mrs Prideaux and the Pridettes’, Sarah and his two daughters Alex and Olivia.

Remembering Dad

“Dad’s volunteering at St Luke’s was his complete saviour. It gave him structure and the ability to help others, which in life was his ultimate mission. The role unintendedly was built for him, was flexible around his needs, gave him a focus and became a massive part of his life, which he lived to the full.

“He was always such an outgoing and sociable person who knew and remembered everyone. Wherever we were, he would always see somebody he knew – even abroad in Portugal, where he bumped into an old friend and insisted on having lunch together. He was so supportive and always wanted the best for us.

“We were used to hospital visits with Dad, but our world was turned upside down when he was admitted during the first lockdown last year. The support from the St Luke’s team who co-ordinated his treatment at the hospital was a real source of comfort to him, particularly when there were multiple departments involved. The doctors and nurses became both ours and Dad’s friends, and because visiting became challenging due to the pandemic, what we couldn’t provide was there from St Luke’s.

“Life’s just not as fun without Dad around. We really miss him – it’s like a light has gone out, but we find that talking about our memories together makes him still feel present in our lives.

“To us, St Luke’s isn’t just a charity looking after poorly people in a hospice. It’s about a community coming together, and our community went above and beyond.”

How you can get involved

This Spring, we would like to invite you to dedicate a sunflower in our virtual garden in memory of someone you’ve lost. Radiating cheer and symbolising longevity, we have chosen sunflowers as they capture the nature of the memories we treasure of the special people no longer with us – heart-warming, comforting and enduring.

Share your favourite picture or your sunniest story – all while knowing that you are helping us continue to provide our support to families in the community- now and in the future.

As a thank you for your donation, we will send you a packet of sunflower seeds so you can grow your own flowers as a symbol of remembrance. You can use the seeds from the beautiful flower to grow them year on year, and as you see them bloom in your garden, we hope you will recollect beautiful memories.