BLOG: Making precious memories for Marcia

Making memories marcia's story. Marcia pictured with St Luke's nurse

We will always do whatever we can to support local families touched by terminal illness and this includes helping them make special memories.

That’s why, when we received a plea for help from Ryan Lidley, we sprang into action, determined to make sure his wedding to fiancée Naomi was a day to remember for his much-loved great auntie Marcia, whose cancer left her unable to attend the event she had been so looking forward to.

With Marcia receiving our care at her home in Keyham, Ryan sent us an email hoping we could show her how to use a laptop so she could watch the service from the comfort of her armchair. What he got in response went way beyond his expectations when we pulled out all the stops to do that and more besides!



With the ‘can do’ attitude typical of our team, we attended the service at Ridgeway Methodist Church so that we could live stream it, ensuring Marcia didn’t miss out on being part of the happy occasion. Dressed in her finery, she treasured every moment – including the wave from the vicar! We even laid on a spread of baked goodies for her to enjoy just as she would have done at the couple’s reception.

Marcia said: “I can’t put into words what it meant to me to see the service as it happened. It was wonderful! I sat for the rest of the day, thinking about it. It’s so important to be left with memories and that is what St Luke’s did for me. I am so grateful to have this charity in our city.”

St Luke’s Healthcare Assistant Lynn was there alongside Marcia to make sure she was feeling comfortable throughout. She said: “We knew Ryan and Naomi’s wedding was very, very important to Marcia so it was important to us, too. It gave me such a boost to know I was doing something to help.”

The last word goes to the groom, Ryan. He said: “My great auntie is such a lovely and loving lady. When we were talking about the fact that she wouldn’t be able to physically make it to the wedding, it was the first time I’d ever seen her cry. I made it my goal to come up with a solution, but never did I guess quite how much St Luke’s would go above and beyond. It made our big day all the more special and I’ll always remember their kindness.”