Online Volunteer Application Form

The manager will ask you to sign the below statement at the start of your volunteering with St Luke’s:

– All matters relating to the internal affairs of St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth must be confidential and on no account should this confidence be betrayed.

– Any departure from the standards of confidentiality will be regarded as gross misconduct, which could lead to immediate dismissal from your voluntary role.

– Information concerning patients must only be given to relatives by a member of the clinical team.

– I agree not to visit patients in their home without the express permission of my Line Manager (excluding befriending, bereavement support and chaplaincy).

– Should the Police or Press request information from you they should be referred to the Chief Executive or the Senior Management Team of St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth.

This is a mandatory requirement for all volunteers at St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth.

Upon completion of the application form please fill out the Equal Opportunities Form .