BLOG: Holly Heroines – A beautiful light in everyone’s life

This year’s Midnight Walk will be a poignant one for so many. Especially for a group of women walking in memory of a special friend described as ‘a beautiful light in everyone’s life’.

Holly Hacker from Ivybridge, was diagnosed with cancer six years ago. Sadly, in January this year, at the age of 40, Holly passed away after bravely fighting for so long.

In Holly’s honour, a group of her friends decided to get a team together to take on our Midnight Walk on Friday 7 July to keep their memories of such a beautiful friend, daughter, sister and auntie alive.

Holly Heroines7 is made up of seven women including Holly’s two sisters-in-law and her close friends. The teammates are: Laura Hacker, Maggie Hacker, Tracey Keslake, Natalie Potter, Molly Joslin, Laura Reed and Kelly Thomson.

Holly’s close friend, Kelly Thomson has described the special memories they have of Holly. She said: “Holly was a kind soul, her smile could light up a room. Her brother Aaron has commented that the picture on our JustGiving page stops him in his tracks when he sees it on the news feed. That’s how I remember her…smiley.

“She was a good friend, sister, daughter. She would see her Mum every Saturday for a fry up and then go off shopping together. She had a good sense of adventure but drew the line if it involved water or heights. Although we did get her on a river cruise when visiting Scotland!

“She was very generous, caring and truly a great friend. She was always there if you needed her any time of day. She would stand her ground if needed and could be firm. She had a special look that you knew if she looked at you this way she wasn’t amused, something I saw quite often being the joker of the trio!

“She really was a beautiful light in everyone’s life.”

Having taken part in our flagship event previously Kelly and teammate Tracey jumped at the opportunity to take part. “Having done the Midnight Walk before, as soon as we knew it was happening I already knew we would be doing it. Although I was hoping Holly would still be with us to do it too.”

The walk itself, kindly sponsored this year by Michael Spiers and Marchand Petit includes three different routes of 3 miles, 6 miles, and 13.1 miles. The women, like so many others, see it as an opportunity share precious memories and make new ones.

“I think we are all looking forward to spending time with each other on the walk and sharing stories and memories”, said Kelly. “We haven’t seen each other since the funeral, so it will be good to catch up with them. The girls are all wonderful individuals, and they are all like old friends already.

“The Midnight Walk has such an amazing ambience as you know that people there are doing it in memory of someone. So the support you get from strangers is amazing. It means a lot to us to raise money for St Luke’s as they do such an amazing job. They supported Holly and made her comfortable in her last couple of weeks and they showed great compassion to her family and friends. It can’t be an easy job for them, but we are so grateful to them for caring for our beautiful friend.”

The inspiring team are currently at the top of our team’s fundraising leaderboard, having already raised a fantastic £1,195 for our patient care. If every single Midnight Walker commits to raising £100 like this fabulous seven, the event will bring in enough for our St Luke’s hospice teams to care for 100 families at home, just like Holly’s.

Kelly added: “We are so overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity so far, and I know Holly would too be so proud. She is so missed daily but her memory will go on.”

If the Holly Heroines have inspired you, then why not sign up your team today for our Midnight Walk and make Midnight miles matter. Click here to sign up.