Support Our Nurses

Behind the masks they’re wearing to protect our vulnerable patients and themselves, there’s always the warmest of smiles.

That’s because our nurses make sure their compassionate care never stops, even in these turbulent times.

Dedicated, sensitive and highly skilled, they’re working day and night to keep our community a kinder place for people who are dying. They know our patients need them now more than ever because heart-breakingly, many can’t have loved ones by their side currently because of safety measures to protect against COVID-19.


Archie is one of our team looking after patients at home, helping relieve pressure on the NHS. He said: “I can’t replace a patient’s family, but I can be there to show them they’re not forgotten. It’s not just taking care of their medical needs and making them comfortable, it’s making time for a chat and providing reassurance. So when a lady said she could tell by my eyes that I was smiling at her behind my mask, I knew I’d made a difference.”

With the ongoing support of big-hearted people like you, our nurses can keep doing what they do for patients and their families, which also helps relieve pressure on the NHS.

Whichever way you choose to give and however much you can afford, it is so appreciated.

Thank you.

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