BLOG: Turn your closet clear-out into compassionate care

We’re in urgent need of more womenswear.

We know that you, our wonderfully loyal supporters, always rally to support St Luke’s, so we’re sending out an SOS asking for your urgent help!

So quick is the turnover of the good-quality, pre-loved clothing we sell in our charity shops that stocks are running low, particularly in womenswear. If you have any items that no longer fit or aren’t quite your style anymore, please reach into your wardrobe and then donate to our charity shops at Plympton or Western Approach in Plymouth City Centre so that, in turn, we can reach more families who need us at the toughest time of their lives.

Every time you donate to our stores, you play a vital role in helping us fund the compassionate care for which we are renowned, making your community a kinder a place for people with terminal illness whose time is running short. You’re helping us to be there for them wherever they need us – at home, in hospital or at Turnchapel – for as long as they need us, bringing light at what can feel to them like a very dark time.

We know the cost of living crisis means everyone is feeling the pinch, and the rising cost of providing our services – which we give free of charge to anyone who needs us – is impacting St Luke’s, too.

Not only is recycling your (or your partner’s or kids’!) unwanted clothes by donating them to our charity good for both purse and planet, it’s one of the kindest things you can ever do for our patients and their families. Of course, it also means there’s way more choice of items in our shops for everyone searching out a bargain!

Our charity shops open seven days a week at Plympton (near Chaplin’s) and Western Approach in Plymouth City Centre (the former Toys R Us building), are ready to welcome you and your donations as fast as you can get there. They’re geared up with plenty of space for storage before putting your pre-loved items on display.

From all of us at St Luke’s – our staff and volunteers and, of course, our patients and their loved ones – thank you so much for turning your closet clear-out into vital compassionate care!