BLOG: “I did not expect to hear laughter in a hospice.”

laughter in a hospice

“I did not expect to hear laughter in a hospice.”

“I did not expect to hear laughter in a hospice. The atmosphere is uplifting – I knew right away I was volunteering with an organisation that was just right for me.”

When Eleanor first joined us after relocating from South Africa to Plymouth, it was as part of our friendly reception team at Turnchapel. Being at our specialist unit, where we look after our most vulnerable patients and welcome their family and friends, gave her valuable insight into our compassionate care. So, every Monday when she volunteers in her new role at our Shabby Chic charity shop on the Barbican, she feels really inspired, knowing the vital difference our retail income makes for patients and their loved ones.

Eleanor, who lives in Oreston, said: “Being welcomed into the wonderful St Luke’s ‘family’ has helped me feel more at home in a city completely new to me. Best of all is the feeling I get meeting customers and knowing every vintage piece the shop sells supports such a vital service for local families.”

Like kind-hearted Eleanor, could you spare a few hours a week to volunteer at our Shabby Chic charity shop? Located in bustling Southside Street on the Barbican, it’s a treasure trove of quality items full of retro charm.

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